Community Sanitary Complex

Community Sanitary Complexes comprising an appropriate number of toilet seats, bathing cubicles, washing platforms, Wash basins etc, can be set up in a place in the village acceptable and accessible to all. Ordinarily such Complexes shall be constructed only when there is lack of space in the village for construction of household toilets and the Community/GP owns up the responsibility of their operation and maintenance and gives a specific demand for the same. Such Complexes can be made at Public places, markets, bus stands etc., where large scale congregation of people takes place.

The maintenance of such Complexes is very essential for which Gram Panchayat should own the ultimate responsibility and the Operation and Maintenance should be assured. User families, in case of complexes specifically meant for households, may be asked to contribute a reasonable monthly user charge for cleaning & maintenance. For complexes in places of community congregation, pay and use model may be encouraged. The proposal for putting up CSC will be approved by the State level Scheme Sanctioning Committee (SLSSC). Suitable Operation and Maintenance and Monitoring guidelines may be issued by the State to ensure proper maintenance of the complex.

The Ministry has issued a Handbook on Establishment and Management of Community Sanitary Complexes in Rural Areas. The same may be referred for establishing such complexes in rural areas. The book can be downloaded from the website of the Ministryhttp://

The maximum support per unit prescribed for a Community Sanitary Complex is Rs.2 lakh. Sharing pattern amongst Central Government, State Government and the Community shall be in the ratio of 60:30:10. The Community contribution, however, can be made by the Panchayat out of its own resources, from grants of the Finance Commission, from any other fund of the State duly permitted by it, or from any other source as obtained from the State, District or GP. For, funding the CSCs/public toilets, states may also source additional funds from CSR/CSO/NGO for raising the cost of individual complexes. The mode may be Public Private Partnership (PPP)/VGF which should cater to the need of operation and maintenance of the facilities. Water supply to these CSCs will have to be assured under the NRDWP before a CSC is sanctioned.

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